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July 2019

Welcome to July everyone!

Well, you wanted it, you asked for it, you got it.  HOT AND HUMID….how many times did we say “Is it ever going to get warm?”  “Is it every going to quit raining?”  Now we can hardly buy a drop of rain….so scattered everywhere and we either get 2” or a sprinkle.  Isn’t the weather weird anymore?  I think things are changing.  June and July are like August and September used to be.  Guess we can just shut up and live with it or continue to complain about it as that seems to be our nature…..HA!

OK, let’s see what July is bringing.  We have a Ladies Eastern Iowa meet on Monday, July 8th.  Course is closed until about 2:00 PM.  There is a Men’s Over 50/Under 50 Tournament on Sunday the 14th beginning at 10:00 and it should be completed by 3:00 or so.  There is a 3-Man Over 50 Best Shot on the 18th beginning at 9:00 and the course will be open about 2:00.  On the 23rd, the Ladies have a 2-Gal Best Shot beginning at 5:30 and then there is a 3-Couple Best Shot starting at 1:00 PM on the 27th.  Of course we have our Ladies League on Tuesday and Wednesday is Men’s Day, Couple’s League on Thursday and Friday evenings and of course HAPPY HOUR Tuesday through Thursday from 3:00 to 7:00.  (MY FAVORITE TIME OF DAY!)  Please remember that there is no Couple’s League the week of the Fair which is July 18th and July 19th, HOWEVER, MEN’S LEAGUE WILL BE PLAYED THAT WEEK. If your birthday falls in July, you get a free drink on the 18th, so come on out and enjoy!

We want to send congratulations to Del Miller for being our Men’s Club Champion this year and to Ray Pettit for being the Club Champion in the Senior Division.  Good for both of you.  It was a great turnout in spite of the terribly hot weather.

Also, want to let you know that every MONDAY is FIRST RESPONDER APPRECIATION DAY.  All First Responders can play 18 holes with a cart for $20.00.  WLCC invites any Police, Fire, Paramedic, Ems, Military, or similar personnel to take advantage of this special offer.  We want to thank all our First Responders for all you do for our community and our citizens!

I mentioned before about the Over 50/Under 50 and the date of July 14th is a re-schedule date from the first one that was rained out.  There is a sign up sheet at the club house.

Just as a reminder, we will be hosting our MEN’S EASTERN IOWA FINAL TOURNAMENT on August 10th and 11th This is a huge deal for our club and there will be lots of golfers and lots of spectators here for those two days.  Please, if you would like to volunteer to help, there is a sign up sheet in the clubhouse.  We will find something for you to do.  We need spotters on the course, people to help move carts, park cars, etc.  It is a fun time and we want to make sure we put on a good show so we need your help.  Come on out, have some fun and share in the excitement.  We only host once every 9 years!

As many of you know, we had some damage on 4 of our greens this past couple of weeks.  It appears it came from either a golf cart or a cycle of some sort.  Whoever did the damage to the greens also broke 3 of our flag sticks. We also have trouble when we have a lot of rain as people travel from one addition to the other along #6 on the South side of the course.  The course is closed to carts, yet they think it is their property and that they can travel the course even though it is closed.  The ruts they put into our course are very deep and damaging and I have seen the water fly as they drive through it….they also get stuck and make things worse.  Please do not drive on the course when traveling between additions, use the concrete road PLEASE!  This behavior has to stop.

The first two photos are two of the 4 greens.  The last two are taken by me on Tuesday, June 25th, late afternoon.  We were playing a league round coming down #4 (the ditch on 4 was full of mud and water) and there was a young male person driving a white golf cart, wearing a bright orange shirt who came from the addition to the West, down 4, crossed in front of us towards the ditch where you see the tracks, then through the mud causing large ruts, then up to the Country Heights addition between Kober’s and Wiele’s yard, again tracking all the way.  He had fishing poles in his cart.  He almost got stuck crossing the ditch.  Perhaps he had permission to go between the yards that does not belong to him, but he certainly does not have permission to cause the damage to the course he did.  Parents, please ask your children where they are going and how they are going to get there, etc.  Thank you all for your understanding of this issue.

OK, done with that.  Here is hoping you all have a great 4th of July.  Be safe out there especially if you are dealing with fireworks and remember our Vets and our Pets that don’t like them much….be respectful….HOLY COW, I SOUND LIKE MY MOTHER!!!!  Off to print….I will be back next month because I am…………………………………


June 2019

The topic of conversation to start this newsletter is bugs.  There are bugs everywhere.  You cannot walk out of the house (through the RAIN DROPS) without getting attacked by bugs.  They bite and you swell up like a poisoned pup.  It has nothing to do with the RAIN.  It is all about the bugs.  They itch like crazy and that is not the RAINS fault.  Sometimes your eyes swell shut or your lips swell, you blaming that on the RAIN?  You don’t want to play golf because the bugs bite you and make you uncomfortable, that has nothing to do with the rain EITHER.  Has the course been closed most of the spring because of the bugs, I ask?  HAVE I MENTIONED THE DAMN RAIN YET???????????????  MOTHER, IT’S TIME TO CALL A TRUCE!!!!!!!!

For those who do not know, our final Men’s Eastern Iowa Tournament is here this year in August.  We get to host this tournament only once every 9 years and it is a HUGE deal for our club, not only from a dollar standpoint and the income it produces, but from a camaraderie standpoint and the golfers and their families it draws to our club.  We work tirelessly to make our course, clubhouse and grounds a showplace for all to see.  We need volunteers like crazy to help, young and old.  We have been planning for months and now is the time to get people down on paper and to commit to helping with various tasks such as parking, ball spotters, carts, etc.  Hundreds of people will be here.  My point is, our Men and Women work each year to qualify to play in the final tournament of the year which is held at a different course and the only way to qualify is to earn a spot; you can’t do that unless we can play, so hopefully our guys can get the qualifying rounds. Please check the signup sheets in the clubhouse and add your name to the list to help in August as a volunteer.  Let’s show these other clubs we know how to run a fabulous tournament!

Other activities this month are a 2-Couple Glow Ball on the 8th beginning at 9:00 PM, a 3-Man Best Shot on the 9th beginning at 10:00 AM. There is a Ladies 4-Gal on the 17th at 10:00, and 3-Man Over 50 on the 20th at 9:00 and a 2-Couple Best Shot on the 22nd at 1:00. They have the Over and Under 50 planned for the 23rd at 10:00 and the Men’s Club Tournament Regular and Senior Division on the 29 and 30th (Tee Times beginning at 8:00). Also remember Tuesday is Ladies Day and Wednesday is Men’s Day. 

Couples League – The couple’s league signup sheets are posted at the club. The Thursday and Friday night leagues start THIS WEEK – Thursday, June 7th and Friday, June 8th. Both are 2-couple leagues. We play starting each week (except fair week) until school starts in August. If you want to play, but do not know of another couple to play with, please sign up and we will do our best to find someone for you to play with. Call or text Ryan (319-321-7986) with any questions. Note: If there are weeks you cannot play, sign up anyways! You can always play your league round a different night that week or find a sub if one of your couples is not available.  Also, we are always looking for subs, so sign up on the SUB list, you will get calls to play, believe me!

I also want to remind everyone that the tournament signup sheets are in the clubhouse, so go sign up!  They are available there for everything all year; men’s, couple’s, over 50, racquetball, swimming, volleyball, tennis, soccer, basketball, football, and track.  HA!

Just wanted you to know we have some new advertisers going onto the course.  I am not sure if you noticed the Blaze Fitness ad on the ball washer on #1….I know I have mentioned it before in the newsletter, but we have sold all of them now and before long we will put the new ones out.  Once they are up, they will all look nice if you see the ad sponsors, please thank them:  Blaze Fitness, West Liberty Vet Clinic, Mercy Services West Liberty, Chown Appliance, US 6 Body Works, Prairie Jewel Acupuncture, Liberty Communications, Martin Insurance, Snider Services, SGA Construction and West Liberty Foods.  Thank you all so much for your sponsorship!

For those who intend to join and have not paid your dues, guess what!  For those who have joined and are making payments, please do not let these slide.  You need to make sure you are getting with our manager and that he knows your intentions as far as when you will be paying……just don’t want any misunderstandings down the road.  Want everyone to be happy.  After all, we get to play golf every day THAT IT DOESN’T RAIN!!!!!!!!!!!

OK, so because I am some late getting this newsletter out this month, I think I better get moving.….I keep trying to think of who I could blame; like Goby because he didn’t get me the specials, or Ryan because he didn’t get the calendar done or Gerianne because it was sitting on her desk, but in truth, it’s the cooks fault.  I GAVE IT TO DILLON.  He was supposed to give it to the person who proof reads it and he laid it down by the dishwasher.  Then, when he went to look for it, it was gone and he found it in the back room by the potatoes.  Well, by then all this time had passed and now I am the one being blamed for not having the newsletter out on time.  THANKS A LOT DILLON!  Of course, I am only kidding about Dillon…..he makes great chicken wings and fries, by the way….XXOO!  My fault, I was busy!

Do you know about Aphorisms?  They are a short, pointed sentence that expresses a wise or clever observation…….SUCH AS:   HOW COME IT TAKES SO LITTLE TIME FOR A CHILD WHO IS AFRAID OF THE DARK TO BECOME A TEENAGER WHO WANTS TO STAY OUT ALL NIGHT?  That is interesting…..ever wonder?  I did because I am…………………………………………